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For a complete understanding of Seage Transport’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage please see the attached document.  Terms and Conditions

Fuel Levy

What is a Fuel Levy?

A fuel levy is commonly used by transporters, which is a fee that reflects fluctuations in fuel costs to accommodate the variations in freight rates. Once the fuel levy has been established it is then included in the freight rate and will vary from time to time.

Volumetric Charges

Shipment rates are calculated based on the greater cost between the actual weight and the cubic (volumetric) weight of the article.

To calculate the volumetric weight:

Width x Length x Height (of article in metres) multiplied by 333.


A shipment measures 1.2m wide x 1.2m long x 1.5m high. The actual (dead) weight of the article is 650 kilograms.

Therefore 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.5 x 333 = 719kg. As the cubic calculation (719 kg) represents a greater weight than the actual (dead) weight (650kg), this becomes the chargeable weight.

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Terms& Conditions